Our Team

Reggie, Chad and Hadley form a unique management trio, combining their individual strengths and collectively pushing Phillips Investments to the next level.

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Reggie Phillips

Managing Partner

Reggie is a true entrepreneur who has consistently recognized and seized opportunities in multiple industries throughout his 35-year business career. His first business endeavor was in 1983 when he started and successfully grew a home construction business in Charleston, Illinois –which still operates to this day. Reggie is a trailblazer whose ability to adapt with the changing times lends Phillips Investments a distinct advantage for the future of the company.

Reggie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance from Eastern Illinois University. He has been married since 1975 to his wife Martha and they enjoy spending time with their four adult children and their eleven grandchildren.

Chad’s ability to pay close attention to the details while still keeping the big picture in focus helps him oversee the architectural team and all construction projects. Chad’s creativity has fueled the success of the Assisted Living and Memory Care communities throughout the region. He challenges the in-house architectural team to constantly innovate in order to remain relevant in the market and continue to be a leader in the industry.

Chad earned a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis on Architectural Design from Eastern Illinois University. He has been married since 2005 to his wife Tiffany and they enjoy raising their 3 children in Charleston, Illinois.

Chad Phillips


Hadley Phillips


Hadley manages the day-to-day business operations of Phillips Investments. He communicates and implements the organization’s strategic goals and overall direction to the team. Hadley is a self-motivated individual who enjoys working with people to reach a common goal. His management style and forward-thinking ideas push the organization to move quickly and efficiently through an ever-changing environment.

Hadley earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship from Eastern Illinois University. He has been married since 2003 to his wife Melissa and they enjoy life together residing with their 4 children in Charleston, Illinois.